GE Energy Unveils WindINERTIA & WindLAYOUT

GE Energy this week introduced two new products that are set to help wind energy developers better design and control projects. The first, WindINERTIA is a grid integration product designed to give wind turbines the capability to meet transmission reliability standards similar to those demanded of thermal generators.

Grid integration of wind turbines is critical to the performance of a wind installation. GE’s WindINERTIA allows wind turbines to provide an inertial response for large, short-duration frequency deviations through a control system upgrade, to enhance grid reliability and operation, enabling an operating turbine to increase its power output by 5-10% of its rated turbine power, over a wide range of wind speeds.

The duration of the power increase is several seconds and benefits the grid by allowing time for other non-wind power generation assets to increase power production during large under-frequency events.

The second new product, WindLAYOUT will help developers optimize wind turbine layout, using GE’s core power generation expertise to maximize energy capture without exceeding turbine design limits, the company said.

The WindLAYOUT service is available for GE’s 1.5-megawatt and 2.5xL wind turbines. In addition, GE has invested more than US $100 million to launch its 2.5xL wind turbine technology and to enhance its production facilities in Salzbergen, Germany. The 2.5xL is designed specifically to meet the immediate needs of the European wind power industry, where lack of available land can constrain the size of projects.


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