Garrad Hassan Forecasts 3-GW of Wind

Garrad Hassan (GH) has announced that is has reached its target for 2007, providing forecasts for 3 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy worldwide using its GH Forecaster system.

GH Forecaster is a short term forecasting service used by grid operators, wind farm owners and energy traders. GH provides online forecast services for clients in 9 countries across 4 continents. GH Forecaster uses a combined physical/statistical method that utilises weather model inputs from a number of suppliers and enhances this data to the site-specific conditions.

The refinement of the weather model input and conversion to wind farm power is achieved through the application of high resolution models accounting for the topography and turbine wake effects, and through statistical routines that “learn” using feedback from the site. The combination of data from weather model suppliers provides additional service reliability due to redundancy of input data, and improves forecast accuracy by enabling the application of ensemble forecasting techniques.

“State of the art forecasting such as the service we offer is a key part of the solution to these issues. GH has a global reputation for expertise in predicting the energy production of wind farms over the long term, and I am pleased that we are developing an equally strong reputation in the rapidly growing international market for short term forecasting, as evidenced by GH now forecasting for 3GW of wind in 9 countries,” said Andrew Tindal, Director of GH.
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