Letter from the Editor: Renewable Energy Battles

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We often hear the words “war on coal” or “war on carbon” to describe the energy revolution that we are in the midst of. While I certainly don’t think of myself as a warmonger, I do think that the comparison to war isn’t that far off. In my video (above) I talk about a day I spent shadowing a wind project developer who has been trying to get a permit to build a wind farm in New Hampshire for seven years. That’s how long he has been actively engaged in many small battles that will, he hopes, eventually result in a 28.8-MW wind project being built. In our interview, he used war terminology to discuss the project explaining that when it was at first denied it was because the opposition won. 

Just as the victorious in a battle come home and celebrate so too do we at PennWell recognize the true grit involved in bringing a project from concept to reality.

In April, we’ll open up our nominations for our 2016 Project of the Year Awards. I encourage you to submit your projects to us for consideration for an award. To be eligible, a project needs to have come online between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016. We are working with our friends at Generation Hub to help us identify projects but we only have access to project data for North America. International project developers, please apply! Editors review all the nominations and select winners in different categories.

Finally, if you are currently fighting a battle in the renewable energy revolution, please let me know about it by emailing: jrunyon@pennwell.com. Maybe I can tell your story, too.  

Jennifer Runyon, Chief Editor


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