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In Las Vegas last month it was an honour to introduce one of the most senior people in US politics – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – to the audience gathered at our yearly Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo North America. Senator Reid gave an impassioned address that left no-one in doubt about his vision for renewables in that country, and called for support for the introduction of a nationwide Renewables Portfolio Standard, or RPS.

That legislation would make a high percentage of renewables mandatory right across the country. While some argue that a more diverse strategy is better for the US, what’s clear is the high profile that renewables technologies now have there, along with bipartisan support. How particularly frustrating, then, that the political machinery has once again unable to deliver a timely renewal of the wind production tax credit. Slowing down (and then speeding up) an industry of this size is an incredible feat for businesses to have to tackle, and to onlookers it is nothing short of bewildering that the political mechanism appears unable to deliver more than a couple of years’ stability at any one time.

Back to the Las Vegas event – it was formerly known as POWER-GEN Renewable Energy and Fuels. Now it, and our European event, will be using the Renewable Energy World name, helping reinforce the link between all renewables offerings from PennWell. This also means the Renewable Energy World name is now much more prominent online – you may have noticed that we have joined forces with the former RenewableEnergyAccess, now, to offer daily news, podcasts and much more – including features from this magazine.

This website has also restored the option to comment on and discuss magazine articles, news and other features, something that many of you did in the past. For editors and writers, it’s always very satisfying to be able to have two-way communication with readers, so please do provide feedback.

That’s also a reason why my ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part in our online survey at the start of the year really is heartfelt. We had a tremendous response, and many of you took the time to add comments or propose articles. (We were glad to hear from the many who said we should simply ‘keep up the good work’ as well.) We’re not quite agile enough for this issue to reflect all your suggestions, but I do hope you’ll notice them trickling through in time.

We’re certainly excited about the new opportunities that are opening up as our digital, magazine and events teams work together, and we hope that our efforts, and your valued input, will continue to deliver what you want.

Jackie Jones
Editorial Director, Renewable Energy World Magazine


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