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Compiling our annual Review issue provides a valuable opportunity to see the status of many facets of this growing industry, and the wide range of article assembled here presents a round-up of achievements and prospects across many parts of the renewables sector. And each year, those achievements of renewables technologies and businesses seem to increase in scale. Our regular yearly reports, such as those from BTM (wind markets), Paul Maycock and Travis Bradford (PV markets), New Energy Finance (investment) and the ESTEC solar thermal report all show continued growth on an impressive scale.

Impressive, too, is the sheer visibility of the renewables sector, compared with just a few years back. Not only has energy become a matter of serious debate in the media, but the mainstream press and TV have become full of images of cleaner, greener energy technologies. And it’s fascinating to see how many companies – whatever their business – are choosing to depict wind or solar energy technologies in their advertisements. So while the issue of energy, as a whole, has become much more visible than it was, with renewables this is particularly the case.

As the sector grows, and the number of people transferring to work in the renewables business increases, so does their need for information. Readers of Renewable Energy World often tell us they appreciate the broad coverage we provide, both geographically and across all technologies and policy – it is important to see the bigger picture. However, we are now providing much more information in digital formats than in the past. In addition to our usual paper editions, subscribers are now welcome to receive a digital ‘turn the pages’ version of the magazine by e-mail, and this is proving a very popular option. We are also now making all the material we publish in REW available on our website.

Also on the REW website is a growing news section, the PennEnergy jobs section, plus other useful reference material – so please keep on visiting regularly to see what we have added. There you will also find a fuller version of the company listings that appear at the back of this issue. And we invite you to sign up to receive our regular e-update with links to news and other items we think will be of interest.

As ever, thanks go to our advertisers – when you contact them, please do mention you saw their advertisement in REW.

Jackie Jones
Editor, Renewable Energy World

P.S. We welcome all feedback, so please e-mail if you would like to tell us what you want to see more of (or less of) in REW

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