Free Energy For Heating Your Home

Too good to be true?

Well to be strictly correct there are two elements that could be considered as “free energy” applicable to domestic heating .The power of the sun and the power of the wind.

By harnessing these two powerful elements using modern technology it is possible to turn their energy into a usable product without too much difficulty or expense.

But don’t forget that a house that is well insulated in the first place has a head start when it comes to retaining the heat that is generated within your house to begin with. Modern construction specs are all aimed at increasing the thermal efficiency of a home by design, use of insulated blocks, thermal sheets, insulation to floors and ceilings, double glazing and the elimination of draughty areas where heat is sucked out.

 A conservatory built against a wall has an immediate effect on increasing the heat store value as the fabric of the wall warms up during the day. Just like a storage heater or chimney that heat works its way through the fabric of the house.

The garage can be a very cold place especially in the depths of winter. Make sure your garage doors are not draughty and close tightly to keep cold draughts out. By installing either insulated roller garage doors or sectional garage doors the difference will be significantly noticeable. This also has the effect of keeping the house and any rooms above the garage warmer. It is cheap and easy to insulate the walls and ceiling with battens and the large insulation sheets available at builders’ merchants and DIY stores to provide a cosy environment for hobbies, working out, a workshop or even home office. Choose a new sectional door or roller door which is secure and easy to use and you have a whole new usable workspace which will need little or no supplementary heating. Install solar powered lights and garage door opening system to complete the transformation.

Solar power

The sun’s rays produce tremendous amounts of energy which in recent years has been used in solar farms all around the world to help provide power to an increasingly demanding population..In many domestic settings solar panels using photovoltaic cells and solar heating systems are becoming more and more popular in the light of rising fuels costs and concerns for the environment. Even in more northern countries where the sun doesn’t shine for so long there are still savings to be made.

Solar power companies and power suppliers have schemes in place that provide owners of suitable domestic sites with a number of panels depending on the size of the roof and the orientation. South facing is best to catch the maximum hours of sunshine.

There are also many applications where small solar panels are used to power a range of items from garden fountains, fairy lights, outdoor security lighting and those garage door opening systems. No need to install a mains supply or wiring.

And of course although solar power and wind are free we acknowledge that the means to turn them into a usable supply isn’t. In the long run though there are savings in costs and to the environment as the discussions about global warming, fossil fuels and alternate renewable energy sources continue to show.


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