Free e-book: Branding & Marketing for Renewable Energy Companies

Based on articles published in Renewable Energy World, this free e-book provides practical how-tos for logo design, web design, messaging, and online video customer testimonials. The insights included here were gained from years of working with leading wind and solar companies.

Download “Branding & Marketing for Renewable Energy Companies”, by Ted Page from Captains of Industry.

Branding and Marketing for Rewnewable Energy Companies Cover

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Ted Page is a founder of Captains of Industry®, a branding and digital marketing agency specializing in the energy sector. Ted has over 25 years of experience guiding the creation of brands and content marketing campaigns for clients ranging from First Wind to BlueWave Solar and Greentown Labs. Ted is the author of the top-ranked eBook, “Branding and Marketing for Renewable Energy Companies.” In addition, Ted wrote the “Climate Declaration” for CERES, which was signed by over 1,700 corporations including Nike, Levis, Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft and GM. Ted wrote the script for “The Institute for Backup Trauma,” starring John Cleese, featured by the Content Marketing Institute as the first successful viral B2B campaign.

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