Five Megawatt Turbine Installed Offshore

For the first time, an REpower type 5M wind turbine has been set up on the open sea. In the Scottish North Sea, in the Moray Firth, the first of a total of two turbines for the “Beatrice” demonstrator wind farm has just been set up on a lattice-like jacket structure, piled to the seabed at a depth of 44 meters. Never before have wind turbines been set up in water this deep, according to the company.

Furthermore, it is currently the biggest turbine offshore with a nameplate capacity of 5 megawatts (MW). Prior to the installation, a floating crane barge carried the turbine with more than 900 tons on its hooks, 25 kilometers on the open sea from the port of Nigg. It is there that the two 5M wind turbines are shortly to be linked to the grid connection of the “Beatrice Alpha” oil rig and then commissioned. The countdown has been running since July: the 5M nacelles, which were built in Bremerhaven, have been transported by cargo ship to the Scottish port of Nigg. One after the other, each of the 59 meter-high towers, nacelles and rotors for the turbines were assembled there. Parallel to this, the jacket structures were anchored with piles to the seabed. After the completion of the first 5M, it was necessary to wait for favorable weather conditions to minimize risks with the first installation in the North Sea. “We are very proud that the offshore premiere has been successful”, said REpower’s CEO Professor Fritz Vahrenholt. “The Beatrice Demonstrator Project for our customer Talisman Energy, to which we are the sole supplier of the turbines, is a giant step for the development of the 5M and offshore wind power. Much praise must go to our offshore team, who have done everything in their power to ensure that the first installation went smoothly.” The successful offshore installation is the current high point of REpower’s development, which began several years ago. On the basis of favorable conditions for wind power use at sea – wide space, high wind speeds and less turbulence than on land – REpower had commenced the development of a very powerful 5 megawatt turbine. The 5M prototype has been running since the end of 2004 in Brunsbuettel/Schleswig-Holstein.
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