First DeWind Wind Farm in the Czech Republic

May 5, 2004 [] This summer, the German wind turbine company DeWind will install the current largest Czech wind farm in Loucna, on the border between Germany and Czech Republic. There are three DeWind D4 turbines planned with a total rated power of 1.8 megawatts. The wind farm is located near the well known German winter sport resort of Oberwiesenthal. The renewable energy industry in the Czech Republic is only in its early stages of development. At present, renewables only supply 3.3% of the total energy generated in the country, according to DeWind. However, with the entry into the EU this year the Czech government has set a target of 8% renewable energy capacity by the year 2010. The government is also working on a new renewable energy law. A feed-in tariff system is being planned with fixed prices over a 15 year period. Based on such a system strong growth is expected in the wind sector over the coming years. There are at present a number of projects at various stages of development in the country. DeWind is involved in a major project called Chomutov, which has a requirement of about 210 MW or about 105 turbines. In the light of this development DeWind plans to start production of its turbines in the Czech town of Pilzen, where FKI Energy Technology owns a large generator production facility (Brush Skoda Electrical Machines).
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