Finishing Touches Made to Largest Windfarm in the East

The largest windfarm in the eastern United States is taking shape on Laurel Mountain in Pennsylvani’s Fayette County.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US, 2001-09-14 [] The Mill Run windfarm will have ten 1.5 MW turbines on 210 foot towers, with Enron Wind turbine rotors measuring 231 feet in diameter. The output is enough power for 5,000 homes. Carnegie-Mellon University has committed to buy the output from one turbine, making the campus the largest single retail customer for wind energy in the country. Community Energy Inc will market the rest of the power to customers across the state. “Blades just like these will be soon be turning with the wind, making clean and affordable energy for Philly customers,” says John Hanger of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition, referring to a media unveiling of the turbine blades at Philadelphia’s City Hall on August 23. “The Mill Run windfarm is the largest yet in the East, and is helping make Pennsylvania the wind power capital of the East.” The partnership behind Mill Run includes Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp, developers of the windfarm; the Exelon Power Team, which will market the energy at wholesale; and Community Energy, which will market the electricity at retail. The project is being built by Mill Run Windpower LLC, a joint venture between AREC and Zilkha Renewable Energy, a Texas-based developer and operator of wind plants around the world. Enron Wind supplied the turbines, and the project is supported by production incentive financing from the Sustainable Development Fund, which is devoted to renewable energy projects and administered by The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) in Philadelphia.

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