Feed-in Tariffs Good for North American Renewable Energy Markets

Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, which sets tariffs for clean energy fed into the grid, is a big step for renewables in North America and could open up more opportunities for similar programs elsewhere in Canada and the United States, according to a leading industry analyst.

“When you look at the massive amounts of renewables being developed in continental Europe, you have to ask, ‘why?’ The most important factor that has contributed to this success — particularly in Germany and Spain — is the advanced renewable tariffs,” said Author Paul Gipe, speaking on RenewableEnergyAccess.com’s Inside Renewable Energy Podcast. Gipe said tariffs are the best way to feed as much renewable energy into the grid as possible and added that Canada and the United States should implement more tariff-based systems in order to catch up with countries in Europe. If the Ontario program is a success, we may see more renewable energy tariffs in North America in the coming years, he said. Want to learn more about how Advanced Renewable Tariffs work? Check out this week’s Inside Renewable Energy Podcast, linked below.
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