Enovos Acquires Stake in Bard Offshore Wind Farm

Last week, Enovos Luxembourg S.A. decided to acquire a stake in the Bard Offshore 1. The stake represents approximately 30 megawatts (MW) of the projects overall capacity.

The offshore wind park is located about 90km north-west of Borkum in the North Sea. The 80 wind turbine generators will be placed in an area where the water depth is about 40m and have a generation capacity of 5 MW each, resulting in a total capacity for the park of 400 MW.

“The technical aspects of this project are impressive – the turbine housings will be placed 90 meters above sea level and the surface covered by the rotor blades has a diameter of 126m. The wind park’s annual production is 1,600 GWh,” said Daniel Christnach, head of renewable energies at Enovos Luxembourg.

The stake was acquired from Sudweststrom Windpark GmbH & Co KG, of which Enovos Luxembourg will now hold slightly above 10%.

“The project is in an advanced stage, the sea-cable has been laid and the transformer station is operational; the first generators will feed electricity into the grid by July 2010. Our share of the farm’s total annual production corresponds to the energy used by about 30,000 households – it is important to mention the high number of full load hours on the open sea which allow for a quantity of power to be produced that is comparable to the peak-load of coal-fired power plants – namely between 4,000 and 4,500 hours per year,” said Jean Lucius, CEO at Enovos Luxembourg.

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