Enormous potential of the African market attracts Chinese companies investing

When the European and American has improved their threshold for Chinese manufacturers and the whole industry faced heavily overcapacity, the PV manufacturers has turned their eyes on Africa, especially South Africa. But there is also a serial of challenges, including the unsound infrastructure of grid. Many people think that companies cannot accomplish a great deal in a very short time.


It was only when the European and American has closed their door for Chinese companies, Africa has surely become the next gold ground for Chinese companies. Not long before, African government has introduced the subsidy policy applied for PV power inverter, which has created possibility for the rise of the market. View of the whole Africa, China has been providing more support for Africa on climate. This is a great benefit for developing African PV market.


Africa has abundant clean energy available, such as solar power, wind power and ground power. Especially in the Sahara Desert, as it is near the Equator full of sunlight, it has the unique advantage to develop photovoltaic industry. Recent years, the North Africa countries near Europe, such as Algeria and Morocco, have introduced relative subsidy policy.


The relevant people said African PV inverter market is of enormous potential. It is expected that there will be 1.4 GW power development in three to five years, which the demand will consume part of Chinese capacity. With the rapid development of the African economy, the demand of countries will certainly increase and provide an opportunity for the development of renewable energy.


However, to most of Chinese PV industry, although the potential of African market is huge, the financial and infrastructure condition is not good. Meanwhile, the frequent political unrest also brings great risk, which is also the place where the “prohibitive” Chinese enterprises lie.


African market is with huge potential but also many uncertain factors. Considering the sustenance sustainability of solar power inverter , the convergence problem with grid and the adaptation of the Chinese companies in Africa, the companies cannot accomplish a great deal in a very short time.

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