Energy Incentives in Wisconsin

New initiatives from Wisconsin Focus on Energy will increase Wisconsin’s electrical reliability and make the state less dependent on imported fuels. Wisconsin Focus on Energy has announced multiple financial incentives and grants to fuel interest in Renewable Energy projects across the state.

MADISON, Wisconsin – April 16, 2002 [] These incentives and grants are being made available to individuals, businesses, institutions, nonprofit organizations, tribal and municipal government, and state agencies, located in the territories of electric utilities participating in the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Renewable Energy Program. Homes and facilities that are off the grid are also eligible, provided they are located within the service territory of a participating utility. Two types of incentives are available, the Low-Interest Rate Loan and the Cash-Back Reward. The Low-Interest Rate Loan is available to homeowners to finance a wide variety of eligible Renewable Energy measures on existing one or two-family, owner-occupied homes. Specific eligible measures are: passive solar; solar space or water heating; wood space or water heating; ground source heat pump; photovoltaic solar electric systems, and wind or hydroelectric systems. A Cash-Back Reward is being offered for installing commercially available Renewable Energy technologies, including solar electric systems, wind turbines, anaerobic digestion systems, solar thermal water systems, wood stoves and geothermal pumps. In addition, four types of grants, with a maximum award of US$15,000 and covering up to 50 percent of a project’s cost, are being made available: a Technical Feasibility Grant may be awarded to fund viability, technical and economic evaluation studies for proposed or existing Renewable Energy systems; a Demonstration Grant may be provided for (a) installing a commercially available Renewable Energy system and making it available for demonstration and educational visits; and/or (b) offering and disseminating information on a Renewable Energy technology and its operation; a Business and Marketing Grant is available to providers of Renewable Energy technologies for developing its business or marketing skills; and an Ad Hoc Grant is available to fund other projects that support Wisconsin’s Renewable Energy marketplace but are not covered by any other incentive or grant. The Renewable Energy Program seeks to increase public awareness of and interest in Renewable Energy. In addition to the incentives and grants, the program provides facilitation services to help consumers and businesses identify and implement systems that are appropriate for their needs. The program is also working with the businesses that manufacture and sell Renewable Energy systems to ensure that the market is prepared for increased demand. Eligible projects must use renewable fuels, including wind, biomass, solar, hydro and ground source energy resources. The program’s financial incentives and grants are being distributed on a first-approved, first-served basis.
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