ENDESA Plans 10 MW Wind Farm in France

SNET, a subsidiary of ENDESA, has begun construction of the 10 megawatt (MW) capacity Ambon wind farm, situated in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany. Six wind turbines, each with capacity of 1.67 MW, will cost Euro 13.4 million [US$17.6 million].

The site has a wind power potential of approximately 2,217 equivalent hours per annum at full throttle. Revenues from the wind farm are guaranteed by virtue of the French decree dated June 8, 2001, which stipulates that EDF must purchase all energy produced by wind farms. The objectives of ENDESA’s Strategic Plan and provided for in SNET’s business plan, include bringing installed wind capacity to 200 MW by 2008. These initiatives reaffirm ENDESA’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development, where it is in line with the French government’s policy target of generating 21% of energy consumption from renewable sources, as provided for in the related European Directive. In addition to the Ambon wind farm, ENDESA currently has another 10 MW wind farm under construction in France: the Lehaucourt farm, situated in Picardy in the region of l’Aisne, which is expected to be operational in February 2007 and will entail an estimated investment of Euro 10 million [US$13 million].
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