EnBW Acquires Four Offshore Wind Projects

Utility company Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG (EnBW) has acquired offshore wind farm companies Eos Offshore AG and Offshore Ostsee Wind AG. Both companies are subsidiaries of wpd offshore GmbH and hold the rights to offshore wind developments.

Eos holds the rights to two offshore wind park projects at Hochseewindpark Nordsee and “He dreiht,” while Ostsee holds the rights to two offshore wind projects, Kriegers Flak 1 and Baltic 1. The Nordsee wind park, with a total output of up to 400 megawatts (MW) will see 80 turbines installed as will, initially, the “He dreiht” development.

Approval has been granted for 80 turbines with a total output of up to 328.6 MW at the Kriegers Flak 1 site, and a total of 21 turbines with a total output of up to 52.5 MW at the Baltic 1 site.

In addition to acquiring the two project companies, EnBW has also signed a cooperation agreement with wpd to provide services during the further development and implementation of the four projects. At the end of April, EnBW announced its intention to invest more than €3 billion [US $4.73 billion] in building renewable energy capacity over the next few years.

“These projects will enable us to build up to a total of 1200 MW installed wind power capacity, over time, in the medium-term. The installations in these offshore wind parks have already been approved,” said Hans-Peter Villis, Chairman of EnBW.

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