Edison Considers Doubling Wind Power Investment to 1000 MW

Edison Mission, a subsidiary of Edison International, plans up to build up to 1,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power generation in the mid-Atlantic region over the next five years, which could more than double Edison Mission’s current 654 MW investment in wind power projects, both completed and under way.

“Under the agreement, we anticipate developing wind energy projects in the (mid-Atlantic) region that meet our investment parameters. At this time, Edison Mission Group has not made a decision to finance construction of any of these projects,” the company said in a statement. Edison Mission will work with privately owned developer, U.S. Wind Force, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to build the wind power facilities. Building all 1,000 MW would cost about $2 billion, said U.S. Wind Chief Executive David McAnally, who said the companies will focus on sites in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Edison Mission owns or leases capacity in 18 power plants with a net physical capacity of 9,914 MW. The company owns 7,500 MW coal-burning power plant capacity in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic.

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