Dutch Farmers Ready For Wind Energy

WEOM, a subsidiary of Nuon, and 63 farmers have partnered in the wind turbine consortium De Zuidlob, have entered into a cooperation agreement that aims to develop a wind farm of at least 108 megawatts (MW).

All the farmers in De Zuidlob, the southernmost part of the municipality of Zeewolde, are taking part. They have chosen WEOM as the developer of the wind farm, which if completed will include the installation of three phases of 12 turbines with capacities of 3 to 4.5 MW each. This will make it one of the biggest wind farms in the Netherlands. The aim is to put the wind farm into service in 2012.

Nuon says that the partnership with the land owners will ensure that there is a broad local support base for the wind farm, so it is expected that the project will be developed quickly. If the farm goes ahead, De Zuidlob will conclude a 10-year electricity contract with Nuon for the wind energy generated.

Netherlands’ Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment Jacqueline Cramer said, “The fact that 63 farmers have jointly taken the initiative to build this wind farm deserves every possible support.”

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