Dong Energy Abandons Wind Energy Plans

Dong Energy has decided to abandon two wind energy projects that it was planning to construct. The projects, both demonstration windmills, were set to be located at the Kyndby Power Station in the UK and one windmill at the Masnedo CHP Plant in Denmark. In a statement Dong said that the projects have been delayed to such a degree that the technical basis for the construction of the three demonstration windmills is no longer present.

The company added that it will reconsider the possibility of constructing other, new windmills at Kyndby Power Station and Masnedø CHP Plant in order to replace the 24 and five old turbines on-site respectively, or of overhauling the old windmills.

“The central environmental authorities’ lacking desire to provide the necessary basis for planning has meant that the technology in the meantime has developed, making the locations too small to test the offshore windmills of the future,” said Niels Bergh-Hansen, executive vice president at Dong Energy.


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