DOE releases wind cybersecurity roadmap

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The recently released Roadmap for Wind Cybersecurity outlines challenges of cyber threats to the wind industry, its technologies and control systems and presents activities and best practices that the wind industry can use to improve cybersecurity.

Funded by the Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO), the roadmap features written contributions from authors at DOE’s National Laboratories and is intended to:

  • Raise wind industry awareness of increasing cyber threats and vulnerabilities to wind technologies and industrial control systems;
  • Lay out a time-phased framework for addressing such weaknesses in the near-, mid-, and long-term;
  • Illuminate best practices that apply to the wind industry;
  • Identify research needs, gaps, and opportunities that might advance technology and strengthen protections;
  • Inform future R&D investments in this area.

As the percentage of wind and other renewable energy systems grows among power generators in the US, cybersecurity for integrated control systems and related technology has become an increasingly important and urgent matter.

Strategies for cybersecurity assessment, protection, threat detection, response and recovery include an array of wind-specific cyber-research and development; further development of standards and protocols; the promotion of best practices for cybersecurity; and expanded information sharing and engagement among wind energy stakeholders.

Although specific to wind, the roadmap’s strategies are likely applicable to other forms of energy and industrial control systems. 

Download the roadmap here: Roadmap for Wind Cybersecurity

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