DayStar Technologies – LightFoil Solar Cells

LightFoil(TM) consists of high efficiency CIGS solar cells deposited on thin titanium foil. Less than the thickness of common household aluminum foil, LightFoil design allows for high power production from sunlight without excessive weight. The Company has achieved a specific power level of 1440 W/kg (15.2% AM0 efficiency) in the laboratory setting. In addition to high specific power, LightFoil is also flexible both physically and in form factors. The product molds to curved surfaces and can be cut to shape to conform to complex geometric requirements.

Features CIGS technology Light Weight Foil Substrates Low Profile Packaging Gridded Cell Design Flexible Substrates Benefits Light weight (0.7 – 1.0 kg/kW) High Performance (130 – 170 W/m2) High Specific Power >1000 W/kg Radiation Tolerant 85 – 95% 10 yr. end of life Highly Flexible Cell Form Factors Conforms to complex installation surfaces High Efficiency in AM0 environment Minimal wind induced vibration Exceptional Durability


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