Danish Wind Turbine Company Expands

NEG Micon has taken over the wind/diesel development company Danvest Energy A/S, which the company said will create new opportunities in a large number of markets – especially in South-East Asia.

Randers, Denmark – January 30, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “Oil is not only expensive, it also has a considerable environmental impact. And awareness of this is increasing everywhere – including in South-East Asia. The wind/diesel concept and the technology which we have now acquired are quite unique. The technology allows for the wind turbines in a wind/diesel plant to contribute a high share of the energy generated than has so far been possible. Another advantage is that the diesel engine can be turned off when there is sufficient wind,” said Knud Hedeager, the newly appointed director of NEG Micon’s new wind/diesel division. South-East Asia is a large market in which the demand for energy is high and on the increase. Many of the countries in that part of the world have poor energy infrastructure, and a significant share of the energy consumed on the islands and in the large rural districts is generated by diesel engines. “The infrastructure is poor in many of the countries, and it is therefore not possible to connect wind turbines to a national grid. A lot of the electricity is generated by diesel engines, and the diesel consumption is therefore very high. We will be addressing this problem with our new technology,” said Hedeager. At the same time as acquiring Danvest Energy, NEG Micon has taken over a test facility near the harbour of Bønnerup Havn on the north coast of Djursland, Denmark. The facility consists of a 550 kW diesel engine which is connected to a 600 kW wind turbine by means of control and regulation technology which allows stand-alone operation. The test results from the facility have just been rubbed-stamped by Risø National Laboratory. In addition to the Danvest Energy acquisition, NEG Micon is off to a head start in 2003 with the installation of numerous wind turbines. The Putlitz project will give rise to a particularly high level of activity in the first half of 2003. In connection with the “Umspannwerk Putlitz” transformer station project, NEG Micon will be installing up to 200 MW in 2003, including 50-60 MW postponed from 2002. With an output of approximately 250 MW, the Putlitz transformer station will be the biggest transformer station for wind turbines in Germany. In the Dahme project near Berlin with a total of 63 MW, an equal number of NEG Micon NM72c/1500 and NM82/1500 wind turbines are under construction along with a large number of the standard NM82/1500 type turbines. NEG Micon is equally ready to incorporate the new E.ON grid guidelines. The relevant MW-class wind turbines will fully meet the current requirements.


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