CSP as Scalable Energy Alternative

A new study from Emerging Energy Research says that Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is in the middle of a renaissance. According to the study, in areas including Spain and the Southwestern U.S., solar CSP is the fastest growing utility-scale renewable energy alternative after wind power, with up to $20 billion expected to be invested in solar CSP over the next five years.

Spain’s favorable feed-in tariffs provide the most stable regulatory environment in the short-term creating a slow but steady growth path for CSP alongside its history of wind power development, according to EER. Outside Spain and the U.S., Italy, France, Portugal, and Greece are ready to break through with CSP developments. The southern European countries are looking at improved regulatory incentives to drive 3,200 megawatts of capacity installation by 2020.

“In countries such as the US and Spain with higher solar resources, land availability, and sufficient government support to kick-start the industry, utility-scale solar CSP technology has the potential to become an integral part of the generation mix,” said EER Senior Analyst Reese Tisdale.
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