Credits for Carbon Offsets Equal Six Wind Turbines

More than 11,700 megawatt hours of ‘Green Tags’ have been sold by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in the past year and a half, to offset the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

PORTLAND, Oregon, US, 2001-10-03 [] The west-coast environmental group has launched an online calculator to help individuals and businesses learn how much a specific action impacts the environment. By entering data in the CO2 calculator, visitors to the website are offered the option of offsetting this impact with renewable energy. Over the past 18 months, BEF sales of ‘Green Tags’ power is the equivalent to the output of more than six wind turbines operating for one year, displacing the air pollution emissions that would occur from fossil fuel-burning power plants. “Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are produced by simple, everyday activities like driving a car and opening a refrigerator,” says BEF president Angus Duncan, who explains that efficient energy still emits pollutants if the power is generated from coal or natural gas. “BEF Green Tags allow us to contribute to more wind and solar power and less fossil fuel burning,” says Duncan. “The federal government may still be unsure about the advent of global climate change, but most people recognize the serious threat to our children. We are giving them a way to act; they are ready to act, even if Washington is not.” The online calculator is posted at BEF was founded in 1998 to fund new renewable energy resources and watershed restoration projects. It provides individuals with an opportunity to buy Green Tags or to make a charitable contribution that allows BEF to buy Green Tags on their behalf to offset up to 100 percent of their CO2 footprint. The revenue from transactions is reinvested in new generation from renewable energy. The BEF Green Tag program is open to U.S. residents and it does not disrupt current relationships between participants and their electricity provider.
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