Corporation Acquires Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

March 5, 2004 [] First National Power Corp (formerly Capstone International) is continuing to expand its foothold in the fast growing wind energy market through acquisition and continued development of proprietary technology. First National Power has reached an agreement with inventor Raul Verastegui to acquire the exclusive Global License and Patent rights for the vertical access Verastegui Wind Turbine. Verastegui was trained in Peru, his native country, as a Mechanical Engineer and worked there in mechanical design. He then went on to flight school, allowing him a career in airlines where he logged in more than 13,000 flight hours. During this time, he focused his professional expertise and an inventor’s curiosity into the design of wind rotors. Combining his intuition, professional experience with the wind and mechanical design, and the desire to make the wind energy affordable to the vast agrarian population of the world, the Verastegui Turbine was developed, and patented.
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