Connecticut City Commits to Renewable Energy

The City of Middletown announced it will purchase renewable energy to meet 3 percent of its energy use. The clean energy choice will be supplied by wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy, Inc.

The state’s recent launch of the CTCleanEnergyOptions program allows for all Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating customers to choose renewable energy. Middletown is one of the first cities in Connecticut to make the renewable energy choice. “Middletown prides itself as a clean energy community and it’s committed to balancing the need for economic growth and protection of environmental quality,” said Ron Klattenberg, Middletown Councilman. “Supporting renewable energy generation is an important part of maintaining this balance for our city.” The City of Middletown’s renewable energy purchase is equal to offsetting approximately 445,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, the impact of which is equivalent to planting more than 30,000 trees or not driving 300,000 miles, compared to the average New England generation mix in the electric grid. In addition to Middletown’s purchase, the CTCleanEnergyOptions initiative has gained the support of thousands statewide, including such recognized establishments as Middletown’s own Wesleyan University, which has signed on for a notable one million kWh. “Many folks talk about the need for new sources of energy, but Middletown and its residents are doing something about it,” said Brent Alderfer, President of Community Energy, Inc., supplier of the clean energy from wind and other renewable sources. “The more customers that follow Middletown’s lead the more clean energy generation we bring online here in New England and the United States.” Under an incentive program known as “Clean Energy Communities” sponsored by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and SmartPower, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting clean energy, residents can earn solar panels for the city. One new solar panel will be afforded for each 100 residential customers that sign up for clean energy. Presently, 180 Middletown residents have enrolled.


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