Conergy’s Small Wind-Power Turbines Win Prize

Conergy’s small wind-power turbines (SWT) for grid-connected or self-sufficient energy supply, the SWT 6000 AC and SWT 7500 DC, have been awarded the 2006 Baden-Wuerttemberg International Design Prize under ‘Energy’ for their combination of design and functionality.

Through a patented pitch controller, the Conergy SWT small wind-power system adapts to different wind speeds of up to 40 meters per second (m/s), increasing efficiency by up to 80% compared to a statically aligned rotor. In addition, the rotor blades automatically turn away from the wind in the event of a storm, which protects the generator and the blades from overloading. Due to the lightweight construction and tower heights for ground installation of 13 or 19 meters, the small wind turbines are quickly installed with a cable winch. “Thanks to the outstanding exchange of experience between our 700 or so project engineers and designers around the world, it was possible to optimally align the wind-power turbines with customer needs using an innovative product concept,” said Peter Frieden, developer of the small wind-power system. “The result is a harmonious interplay between functional increase in effectiveness, maximized ease of use, and an aesthetic, powerful design.” The Conergy SWT 6000 AC and SWT 7500 DC, already installed in Greece, India and China, are suitable for combining with solar systems for an independent energy supply. Such hybrid systems provide reliable and efficient energy, especially in regions distant from the public power grid.
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