Conditioner Manufacturer Adds Wind Applications

Magnetek, a builder of digital power conditioners for stationary fuel cells, has received an initial contract for wind turbine power conditioners.

Los Angeles, California – October 30, 2002 [] The contract calls for Magnetek to develop specialized 4.5 kW power conditioners for a new type of wind turbine to be connected to the utility power grid. The power conditioners will convert the output from the wind turbines into alternating current compatible with the power grid. Pending completion of the exclusive development contract, details of the program and the identity of its participants are classified. During the past half decade, Magnetek has developed and built power conditioners up to 250 kW for more than 100 commercial fuel-cell installations totaling nearly 30 MW, including the world’s two largest fuel cell plants in Anchorage, Alaska and Long Island, New York. In addition, the company has supplied digital voltage regulators for thousands of conventional distributed power generators, said the company. According to Magnetek executive vice president Antonio Canova, the wind turbine development contract, while valued under US$100,000, should result in approximately US$2.5 million in production orders within the next 12 months. “The program is significant because it extends our digital power-electronics technology to another source of alternative energy which does not burn fossil fuels to produce power,” Canova said. “This application is even more significant because it includes energy storage via batteries and additional optional inputs that make these power conditioners universal platforms for future alternative energy applications.”
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