Competitive Proposal to Benefit Renewable Energy

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) praised the agreement filed before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), which calls for electricity competition to be further expanded in the Philadelphia area by transferring customers from PECO to low-cost and green energy providers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – February 13, 2003 [] This agreement, which was negotiated by PennFuture, PECO, the state’s Consumer Advocate and other electricity providers, implements the requirement of the original electricity competition settlement that PECO customers be assigned to competitive companies if robust competition had not occurred by January 2003. “Once again, Pennsylvania is leading the way,” said Peter Adels, General Counsel for PennFuture. “While other states have either restricted customers’ choices or relied on only old outdated power plants to provide these choices, this agreement will enable new, stronger, and greener competitive suppliers to serve PECO customers. That’s a strong victory for a truly competitive market vital to a growing economy. We hope that the PUC Commissioners allow this historic agreement to move forward, and give Philadelphians a truly vibrant market, full of green energy choices.” Under the agreement, 400,000 current PECO residential customers will be assigned over the next year to other electricity suppliers, with 80 percent assigned by price and 20 percent assigned to Renewable Energy providers. Companies chosen to provide service based on price will cost less than current service; Renewable Energy suppliers must bid at least five percent of the electricity from green energy sources, and half of that must be from wind or solar generation built within the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnect since 1997. The winning renewable bidders will be those offering to provide the highest percentage from green energy sources. Customers will be selected at random for reassignment, and all customers have the ability to opt-out of the reassignment. Delivering electricity to all customers and billing services will be handled by PECO.
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