Company to Provide Vision for Renewable Power

Northern Power Systems has been commissioned by Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and Middlebury College, in Middlebury, Vermont, to provide engineering studies to test the integration of renewable power into new buildings currently under design and for a college ski area on their respective campuses.

Waitsfield, Vermont – September 11, 2002 [] Additionally, Steven Winter Associates, a leading environmental developer, has tapped the company to assess the feasibility of installing wind power in two public parks contained in the new Queens West Waterfront Development in Long Island City. Northern will analyze both economic and functional objectives for energy supply at Yale University as the school designs a new building for the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Integrating renewable power and reviewing opportunities for significant emissions reductions from cogeneration applications in its new facility will support the school’s goal of creating a climate neutral building and demonstrating sustainability in an urban context. At Middlebury College, Northern’s study will evaluate the potential for onsite wind generation. Under consideration is the installation of Northern’s R&D 100 Award-winning NorthWind 100 wind turbine to provide real, renewable generation offsets for the main campus. If implemented, the turbine is expected to generate approximately 35 percent of annual consumption at the college’s ski area, an estimation that Northern’s study will confirm. “Early analysis shows that the installation of wind turbines could help us reduce our carbon emissions,” said Nan Jenks-Jay, director of Environmental Affairs at Middlebury College. “We are excited to see the results of Northern Power’s study upon its completion and look forward to assessing our options. Because this phase of analysis was inspired by work of two Middlebury students this year, who looked at the economic benefits and wind potential at the site, Northern Power’s results will be even more meaningful to the College.” Queens West Waterfront is a joint effort of the public and private sectors to create a mixed-use development comprising residential and commercial buildings surrounded by parks and recreational areas. Consisting of approximately 68 acres of prime waterfront land directly across the East River from the United Nations, Queens West is taking a step toward establishing itself as a pioneer in sustainable urban development by commissioning the study. For each project, Northern will use computer models to map the correlation between generation sources and load demand. These correlations will help to predict the performance of a system over a one-year period. The results will then be compiled and used to conduct a life cycle cost benefit analysis – taking fluctuating fuel costs, electric rate structures, and maintenance schedules into consideration. Based on all these factors, and time value of money, a final analysis will determine the overall feasibility and worth of the project. Additionally, the study will highlight the amount of emissions avoided as well as other environmental benefits.


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