Company Commits to Renewable Power

Beginning in January of this year, Redjellyfish, a socially responsible long distance telephone company, will purchase 100 percent wind energy for its California and Minnesota offices.

San Francisco, California – January 17 , 2003 [] Redjellyfish will power itself with Renewable Energy by purchasing Green Certificates marketed by 3 Phases Energy Services, in an amount equal to 100 percent of its energy use, or 15.9 MW per year. Redjellyfish’s power will be generated by a wind facility in Oregon and will prevent 21,322 lbs of CO2, from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. According to climate control experts, Redjellyfish’s yearly commitment is equal to planting 2.5 acres of forest, not burning 6.4 tons of coal, or not driving 24,000 miles. “Redjellyfish is a company that pays close attention to how its business practices impact the natural environment” says Michael Galli, president of Redjellyfish, “Purchasing Renewable Energy to power our offices is a natural extension of the principles and values of the organization.” “Redjellyfish’s decision was the simplest, lowest cost and most logical choice for Renewable Energy, considering the limited options many companies have to buy green energy,” said Dan Kalafatas, director of renewable certificates for 3 Phases. Green Certificates, also known as green tags, are created when a Renewable Energy facility generates electricity. Each unique certificate represents the attributes or benefits of new renewable generation, and is sold separately from the electricity. When a customer buys these certificates, they buy the environmental benefits of renewable generation, namely the benefits created when conventional fuels, such as coal, nuclear, oil, or gas, are displaced from the electricity system. Redjellyfish is matching the environmental benefits of the Green Certificates to the electron stream they consume from the national grid. This process results in the same benefits as a direct renewable power purchase. 3 Phases Energy Services is a Green-e certified provider of Renewable Energy certificates and also offers other direct access and solar photovoltaic products.
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