Commerce Energy Offers Wind Power Choices in Texas and Maryland

Commerce Energy Group, Inc. is enabling residential and small-business customers in Texas and Maryland to purchase wind-generated electricity; a choice exists between 100% Wind Clear Choice — or a 50/50 mixture of wind and fossil fuels — 50% Wind Clear Choice.

“We know that many of our customers want to improve the environment by choosing clean energy, but in the past, cost was an issue,” said Steven S. Boss, CEO. Service plans are available on a one-year, fixed-rate basis. When a customer chooses Clear Choice, wind-generated electricity is purchased and delivered to the grid, thus supporting clean-energy industries. Commerce Energy’s clean energy program is certified by Green-e for Maryland customers. Green-e, an independent certification and verification program from the Center for Resource Solutions, conducts audits to ensure consumer purchases of clean energy are verified as actually delivered to the grid.
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