Colorado Offers Anemometer Loan Program

In response to growing interest in wind energy, the Colorado Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) created the “Anemometer Loan Program” through a partnership with and matching funds from U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America Program.

Denver, Colorado – July 1, 2003 [] Anemometers are wind-measuring devices that are mounted atop towers. OEMC purchased seven 20-meter anemometer towers and anemometers, to be installed in Colorado, to collect site-specific wind data. The goal of OEMC’s anemometer loan program is to capture the data collected by the anemometers, such as the direction, force and speed of wind. The data collected from the anemometer will be interpreted and analyzed by a third-party source working with OEMC. “OEMC initiated this program due to the tremendous interest in generating wind energy,” said Rick Grice, OEMC Executive Director. “Our goal is to assist communities, landowners, and other stakeholders in making informed decisions on a site’s wind energy resources. The data collected from the anemometers is invaluable in this process.” The anemometers, to date, have been installed in: Lamar; about 35 miles southeast of Aurora; Julesburg; Montrose; and Leadville. Two other sites have been selected, one in Walden and one in Meeker; both of these will be installed in late 2003. Selections were based on existing statewide wind-mapping information as well as the participant’s stated purpose for wind energy utilization. Additionally, selections were based on the awareness of current electric supplier’s net metering and interconnection policies, distance to transmission lines, transmission capacity availability, and likely funding for the wind project. The anemometers will generally collect data for a period of one year. However, in the case where they are verifying existing data, such as the Lamar and Walden sites, they will be in place for a period of approximately six months or less. After the site’s wind data has been collected, the anemometers will be moved to other sites. The data collected will be available to the public. To learn more about the loan program, contact OEMC’s Olga Erlich at (303) 894-2383 x1218 or or check the link listed below.
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