Clean fuels—Solar power and wind power

According to the research report, in many different energy power technologies, the using-water amount of PV power plant, CSP plant and the wind power plant are far less than many traditional solar power inverter ways.


Energy is essential in our daily life. in the past, we relied on the fossil fuels to obtain energy. But the mine and burnt of the coal, oil and natural gas are proved to cost highly for health, environment and economy.


Coal has done a great harm to the environment and the health of the public. According to the researchers’ ‘optimistic’ estimates, the pollution cost of every year is 188 billion and the cost of global warming is 62 billion. Researchers also studied on the dead number. A research from California University also showed that the mine pollution lead to the hidden cost of 74 billion every year. And the economic subsidy, transmission accident and some other side effects will also made the pv inverter power cost double. By contrast, the clean fuels, such as wind and solar power are more competitive.


The report shows that the concentrating power plant will only consume 300 liters of water for each MW, which is less than that used 1/10 of closed-loop nuclear reactors and 1/6 of the coal power. The PV inverter power plant and the distributing power plant use also less water. Nuclear power uses the most water among all the ways of power. And the coal power is also the big water-consuming. In the United States 62% of the ring closed cooling system has water consumption between 2600-4200 liters of the nuclear power plant per megawatt-hour. The water consumption of coal power generation is also great, between 1900-2300 liters of water consumption of per megawatt coal power stations ring closure system, which most of them is evaporated. Biomass power generation is also very water consumption.


These energies have a great demand of water and will lead to water pollution. Nowadays, the water material has been in a lack statue. We should take further knowledge of the urgency of the lack of water and the necessity of the development of clean fuels, such as wind power and the solar power.

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