Clean energy – now made in Vermont by Sheffield Wind

First Wind’s Sheffield Wind project, their first wind farm in Vermont, is officially operational – capable of producing up to 40MW of clean power for Vermonters. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that First Wind is a client of mine. But the Sheffield Wind project also has special significance for me because of my Vermont roots. My great, great grandparents were dairy farmers in Westmore, Vermont, which is less than a half hour drive to Sheffield, and today my family has a house on nearby lake Willoughby. This part of Vermont is called The Northeast Kingdom, and it’s certainly a fitting name for the place. The Kingdom is a truly beautiful corner of the world, incredibly rich in wildlife, with very clean air and pure, clear water. I’m thankful that the power for my Vermont home will come from a pollution-free and unlimited local resource, and that Sheffield Wind has helped to bring more economic activity to the area. Congratulations to First Wind and Vermont.


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