Chinese Wind Farm Plans

July 8, 2003 []The China-based Hebei Huarui Wind Power Generation Co. has recently entered into an agreement with the municipal government of Huanghua, a city in northern China’s Hebei Province, to set up a wind farm in the city, Zhang Jun. Under the project, 50 domestically made 600-kW wind powered generator units will be installed on the city’s bank of the Bohai River. The first stage of the project will involve an initial instillation of 22 turbines. The entire project is estimated to cost more than RMB 200 mln (US$24.16 million). Huanghua has a 40-50 km stretch of land along the Bohai River that is rich in wind resources, with wind speeds exceeding 5 meters per second at a height of 10 meters and speeds of 6 meters per second at a height of 60 meters.
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