Chinese Energy Board will push forward the scale development of the distributed PV generation power

Among the field of the Chinese PV power, the Chinese government has always exerted the important push effect. The Golden Sun project jointed by Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Energy Board in 2009 has speeded up the industrial and scale development of the Chinese PV power industry. Chinese Development and Reform Commission published the unified solar PV power standard FIT in 2011, which accelerated the commercialization of photovoltaic power generation road.


Recently, the Chinese PV company has got long-absent good news. The Chinese Energy Board has published the Reporting large-scale applications of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, which will push forward the scale development of distributed power with financial funds.


This published form is viewed as a continue of the leveraging the marketing strategy before. The difference is that this time has more power. This publish of the inform is expected to encourage the construction of the distributed power system of 15 million kilowatt. For the Chinese PV industry, this will no doubt be a feast.


For the role of the industry by this inform, the industrial people has also had unqualified opinion. Part of the industrial people worry that the directly stimulate of the domestic market will make domestic photovoltaic solar energy investment follow in the step of the field of wind power generation. It will take the road of the Excess overcapacity production tomorrow to solve today’s overcapacity problems.


The government should seek truth from facts and according to the local conditions to make the saving plans. They should start from the important leading enterprises in key aides, serious study of the key issues facing the photovoltaic enterprises, aid into the capital, shares, restructuring and other means to force the photovoltaic business turnaround, leaving a spark for the speed development in the future.

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