China Wind Systems Completes New Wind Components Facility

China Wind Systems, presently incorporated as Malex, Inc., announced it has completed the construction of a major manufacturing facility in Wuxi City, China. The new facility will be used to manufacture high precision rolled rings and other components for use in wind power installations.

In the initial phase, the company will focus on producing rolled rings that measure up to 5 meters in diameter as well as other wind mill components such as yaw bearings, shafts and rotor blades. The company also plans to purchase additional equipment during planned phases of expansion.

“Our new facility will help us achieve our goal of becoming a major supplier of precision rolled rings for use in yaw bearings on large scale windmills, as well as a supplier of other components such as yaw bearings, shafts, rotor blades and turbine leafs for use in the wind energy industry, “said Mr. Wu, Chairman and CEO of China Wind “We are currently experiencing strong demand from our largest wind energy customer and this will enable us to significantly scale the size of the rolled rings we can deliver while achieving greater integration of our manufacturing process.”
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