China Wind Systems Begins Producing Forged Products at New Facility

China Wind Systems Inc., which supplies forged rolled rings to the wind power industry, announced that it has begun producing forged products at its new facility in Wuxi City after successfully completing equipment test runs.

Pursuant to preliminary agreements signed in September, China Wind Systems has delivered sample products to Wuxi Lida Gear Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Gansu Keyao Electrical Power Co. Ltd., and Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Ltd. all of which have inspected and approved the company’s product prototypes.

Both Wuxi Lida and Gansu Keyao previously signed preliminary agreements with China Wind Systems to purchase up to 1,350 tons of rolled rings and 3,300 tons of wind tower flanges. Hangzhou Gearbox has initially ordered 150 tons of gear rims from China Wind Systems.

Wuxi Lida and Gansu Keyao are expected to sign definitive purchase agreements with China Wind Systems upon receipt and approval of the initial units, which are set to be delivered under the preliminary agreement.

”We are pleased to announce that our new production facility is now up and running and that our product prototypes have been delivered and accepted by key wind-power customers. While the utilization rate at our new facility is expected to be lower during the start-up period, we anticipate that our production output will increase significantly within the next few months as we complete the calibration process for the machines’ automated system,” said Jianhua Wu, chairman and CEO of China Wind Systems.

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