China Utility Issues Renewable Energy Manifesto

Utility companies across the world are faced with the fact that power generation can be a polluting business, but the demand for electricity keeps going up. The CLP Group of China is attempting to clean up their power business, however, and has issued a Manifesto on Air Quality and Climate Change for the company.

The manifesto is a review of the measures the power company has taken to manage environmental performance, and a commitment to specific actions to improve air emissions generated by its activities. Part of the company’s commitment to improve air emissions includes a partnership with the Huaneng Group for a 27 MW greenfield wind power facility in Changdao, Shandong Province. CLP holds a 45 percent interest in the project, which will supply electricity to Yantai City. “CLP’s track record on environmental responsibility speaks for itself,” said CLP Group Managing Director Andrew Brandler. “We will build on our past achievements and apply our experience and expertise for further developments. The group will also step up our engagement with various stakeholders so we can work towards these goals as one united front.” Renewable energy goals for the power company also include increasing their generating capacity from renewable energy sources to 5 percent of their total capacity by 2010. Recognizing the geographic reach of the Group’s activities and the global benefits of renewable energy, CLP said it would focus on locations where the best practical applications and conditions exist, such as main land China and Australia. Investments in renewable energy will be accompanied by an effort to reduce emissions from the coal-fired generation facilities owned by CLP. Plans to develop an infrastructure for a liquefied natural gas terminal would give the company another energy source for the region.
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