Catamount Drops Small Wind Energy Project

Vermont-based Catamount Energy is ending its involvement in Equinox Wind Farm Project, a joint venture between the company and Maine-based Endless Energy Corporation to develop a nine MW wind energy project in little Equinox Mountain, Vermont.

Rutland, Vermont – July 30, 2003 [] Catamount Managing Director Bob Charlebois said that the company wishes to focus its resources on several larger wind projects that the company has under development. “We prioritize development dollars and opportunities and, unfortunately, we find it necessary to terminate funding of this smaller project and focus our resources and development effort on other projects in the U.K. and the U.S., including our Glebe Mountain project in Vermont,” Charlebois said. “We believe Equinox is a good project for Vermont and hope that Endless Energy is successful in completing its development.” Harley Lee, president of Endless Energy, said “We appreciate Catamount’s contributions to the project and will continue to build on the joint development progress we have made to date.” Little Equinox Mountain was the site of two previous wind farms, the first installed in 1981 and 1982 and the second in 1989. Five major Vermont environmental groups have endorsed the re-installation of wind turbines on Equinox using modern technology. Burlington Electric Department has agreed to buy power from the project.
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