Cascade Launches SWIFT Wind Turbine System for Commercial and Residential Use

Cascade Engineering has officially made its SWIFT Wind Turbine available in the United States and Canada. The SWIFT system could provide businesses and homeowners in windy environments an effective solution to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions, the company said.

“With rising energy costs and increased environmental consciousness, we’ve seen more people turning to small wind. For the past several months, we’ve been inundated by requests for SWIFT before we even launched the product,” said Michael Ford, head of the renewable energy business unit for Cascade Engineering. “The SWIFT Wind Turbine design solves many of the challenges of previous residential and commercial scale wind turbines: it registers as a whisper on decibel charts, it’s efficient, it’s safe and it’s clean.”

Specifications on the SWIFT System

  • Blade/Ring Diameter: 7 feet
  • Minimum clearance from roofline: 2 feet
  • Rated power output: 1.5kW @ 14 m/s
  • Annual Power Supplied: up to 2000 kWh
  • Electric power: 240VAC, 60Hz output voltage
  • Noise: less than 35 decibels for all wind speeds

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the small wind turbine market is expected to grow 18-20 percent through 2010 despite the current lack of federal-level incentives for small wind systems. However, accelerated growth is expected as new tax incentives go into effect in January. With the incentives, residents may see a credit up to US $1,000 per system and commercial customers may see a credit up to US $4,000.

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