Cape Wind to Relocate Some Proposed Wind Turbines

[] Facing the reality of an offshore wind farm-hostile Massachusetts, Cape Wind’s developers have decided to move some of their turbines further out into federal waters. The move comes partially in response to a request from Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Secretary Ellen Roy Herzfelder. Months ago, Massachusetts enacted a politically-charged boundary change that extended state waters into the proposed 420 MW wind project’s footprint in Federal waters. Massachusetts has little sway in affecting proposed projects in Federal waters, but the boundary change gave the state some leverage over the project. Through the filing of a Notice of Project Change (NPC) with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Cape Wind’s answer to the state’s newfound leverage was to announce the relocation of 10 of the wind farm’s proposed turbines. The turbines will be relocated from state waters to federal waters on Horseshoe Shoal. And, according to Cape Wind, the modification would also allow the shifting of another twenty turbine locations on the Shoal in response to stakeholder comments over potential impacts to commercial fishing, navigation and archeological interests. The new configuration of the 130 wind turbines will also result in a reduction in the overall project footprint. A copy of the NPC is posted on Cape Wind’s website,
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