Cape Wind Cries Foul on Opposition Group

October 8, 2003 [] In just another volley in the acrimonious debate between developers of the proposed 420 MW offshore wind farm in Nantucket sound, and the project’s opposition, Cape Wind Associates released a statement accusing the project’s opposition, The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, of altering and distorting visual simulations of the project which had been prepared by technical consultants working for both parties. Cape wind said The Alliance has been using altered visual simulations with the public and media that exaggerate the size of the developers’ proposal. In an image prepared by Earth Tech, hired by the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, and in two images prepared by Environmental Design Research, hired by Cape Wind, Alliance staff cropped and enlarged a small section of the original images, according to Cape Wind. This “zoom” effect magnifies and exaggerates how the wind farm would appear from shore, said the developers.


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