Canadian Government Invests in Nation’s Largest Wind Energy Project

Tony Clement, Canadian Minister of the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario, announced more than CAN$53 million ($53.7 million USD) in federal funding for the Prince Wind Energy Farm.

The Prince Wind Energy Farm, situated on 20,000 acres of land northwest of Sault Ste. Marie, has 126 turbines, capable of generating up to 189 megawatts of power. Over ten years, the government funding will help keep the farm’s prices competitive for Canadian consumers.

“We need energy to power our economy, and we need clean energy to protect our environment — that’s a priority for our government and the foundation of our practical, balanced approach to climate change,” said Clement. “By investing in projects like this one, we are making sure that clean, renewable power from the wind, the sun and the tides will form an increasingly important part of our energy mix for the future.”

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