Canadian Co. Buys Wind Power Farm in CA

[] Western Wind Energy purchased the Windridge wind energy generation facility in Tehachapi, California, for $550,000 thereby gaining the space to construct 18 MW of generation under the repowering program. The property, within a mile of existing property, complements previous land holdings in the Tehachapi wind resource area, which exceeds 1,200 acres. Included in the asset acquisition are more than 40 Windmatic wind turbines, interconnection equipment and transformers and assignment to Western Wind Energy of the 30-year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, due to expire in 2014. In 2007, the agreement with Edison will revert to short-run avoided costs contract whereby the electricity price payable to Western Wind, which is in British Columbia, will be based on the price of natural gas and other fuels that supply energy to the California marketplace.
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