Call for Shell Investment in Argentine Wind Power

The Greenpeace organisation is pressuring the Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell to invest in wind power in Argentina.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, AR, 2001-10-15 [] While Shell is publicizing its environmental commitment, “much is said but what is really done is very little,” says Juan Carlos Villalonga of Greenpeace Argentina. “Shell investments in renewable energies are insignificant in relation to its annual investment in the development of new reserves of fossil fuels, something that is absolutely incompatible with global climate protection.” Greenpeace wants Shell to develop wind power in the country with immediate projects such as Rada Tilly (50 MW facility in Chubut province), Bahia Blanca (100 MW facility in Buenos Aires province) and Puerto Madryn (60 MW facility in Chubut province). Shell funds wind projects in Europe, but Villalonga says these gestures should be extended to the world stage. Greenpeace wants the installation of 3,000 MW of wind capacity in Argentina by 2010.
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