CAL SEIA Alert Urges Support for Solar Bill

The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CAL SEIA) has issued an alert for proponents of solar energy to contact Senators and Assembly members and urge them to support Bill AB 1685.

Sacramento, California August 15, 2003 [] “Assembly Member Mark Leno’s Bill AB 1685 will provide the solar industry with certainty,” said Jan MacFarland CAL SEIA Executive Director. According to CAL SEIA, the bill will extend the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Self-Generation program until December 31, 2008. This program will provide the largest source of renewable energy project funding in the nation, US$125 million per year for solar, wind, fuel cell, and cogeneration projects. About 70 percent of program funds have gone to large solar projects within the past two years, increasing large solar installations in California by 1000 percent, CAL SEIA maintains. CAL SEIA wants California residents to visit local district offices for Democrats and Republicans to write letters and emails, fax, and make phone calls, with special emphasis on the California State Senate Appropriations Committee and the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee. CAL SEIA would like copies of the letters faxed to their offices. The members of the California State Senate Appropriation Committee include Dede Alpert (Chair), Jim Battin (Vice Chair), Roy Ashburn, Debra Bowen, John Burton, Martha Escutia, Ross Johnson, Betty Karnette, Michael Machado, Kevin Murray, Charles Poochigian, and Jackie Speier. The members of the California State Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee include, Sarah Reyes (Chair), Keith Richman (Vice Chair), Ronald S. Calderon, John Campbell, Joseph Canciamilla, Manny Diaz, Jerome Horton, Doug La Malfa, Jay La Suer, Lloyd E. Levine, Ken Maddox, Fabian Nuýez, Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Lois Wolk. CAL SEIA said that if members of solar companies are uncertain of their Senate and Assembly representatives, they can find their companies listed on CAL SEIA’s Legislative Lookup. The Bill has already passed the Assembly and the Senate’s Energy Committee. If it passes through the Senate Appropriations Committee, it is expected to go to the Assembly floor. The Committee is expected to vote on AB 1685 as early as Monday.
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