Bullfrog Power Investing in Alberta Wind Energy

Bullfrog Power, a Canadian provider of 100 percent green electricity, announced service to Alberta homes and businesses. Bullfrog Power exclusively sources from 100 percent made-in-Alberta wind power that is EcoLogo-certified under the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program.

The company will source all of the power from two wind turbines newly commissioned at the Oldman River wind farm near Pincher Creek by Bullfrog supplier Alberta Wind Energy Corporation. Additionally, in keeping with its commitment to bring new renewable power online, Bullfrog is investing in Alberta Wind Energy to help expand the project in the future.

“We feel we have a social responsibility to try to make a difference and to do something to protect the environment, even if it costs a bit more,” said Bernard Callebaut. “We are pleased that our partnership with Bullfrog Power—and their supply of 100 per cent green electricity—provides us with another means of meeting our obligation to the environment.”

Alberta residents who choose to become “bullfrogpowered” pay a modest premium of 2 cents per kWh to green their electricity, which, for an average Alberta household adds less than 50 cents a day to the electricity costs.

In a separate announcement, Bullfrog Power also announced a new partnership with the Pembina Institute in which the two organizations will promote the benefits of supporting clean, renewable power, particularly wind power.

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