British Company to Invest in Wind Power

A total investment of £1 billion in renewable energy in Britain has been confirmed following recent media reports.

LONDON, England, UK, 2002-01-17 [] Powergen PLC has confirmed its commitment to invest in wind energy and other renewables, but says the total investment will be shared. The Sunday Times reported that Powergen plans to invest £1 billion in renewable energy to make it Britain’s largest supplier of green power. Powergen qualified the statement, pointing out that its windfarm business is a joint venture with the Abbot Group, and that most development would be project-financed. A company spokesman says the price estimate is a “ballpark” figure based on current costs. Powergen Renewables is a major wind energy developer, with 14 projects in operation, including Blyth Offshore and Tursillagh in Ireland. The company is a joint venture partnership between Powergen, the Coventry-based utility and Abbot Group plc, the Aberdeen offshore services provider. Late last year, it completed the installation of seven turbines at Out Newton, near Easington in Yorkshire. The 1.3 MW Bonus turbines have total capacity of 9.1 MW of output. The company is also installing nine Vestas turbines at the Deucheran Hill windfarm in Kintyre, Scotland. The 1,750 kW units will be the most powerful machines on the British mainland, and Vestas recently announced plans to establish a manufacturing base near Campbeltown, 20 miles from the site. Powergen will soon start construction of its second Scottish windfarm, near Peebles. The British government wants 10 percent of the country’s energy to come from renewables by 2010, in order to meet Britain’s obligations under agreements on climate change.
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